Privacy Policy

In order to successfully accept and process your order, we need certain information about you – name and surname, address, e-mail address and contact phone number. We only need your basic data, which gives us the opportunity to communicate with you in an adequate way throughout the ordering process. Thus, we will be able to provide you with all the necessary information and inform you in a timely manner about the status of your order.

Gary Tulip undertakes to respect all the principles of protecting your privacy. The data you give us for inspection is used exclusively for the purpose of successful implementation of the ordering and delivery process. They also help us collect and analyze data about the products you search for and buy, in order to constantly improve our online store and provide you with the best possible service. Information about you is strictly protected and is available only to persons who are involved in the operation of the Gary Tulip online store. We undertake not to misuse them and not to forward them to third parties. If you decide to publish something other than this data on our site, you do so at your own risk.

Using the services of the Gary Tulip online store implies your agreement with the Terms of Use. A possible change in conditions will be considered valid only after the change has been published on the website or after notification has been sent to registered users via the e-mail address provided.